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Triple Toothbrush Value Pack


According to the American Veterinary Dental College, it is important to brush your dog's teeth every day. It has a tremendous effect on their comfort and health. But, having a vet brush your dog's teeth can be expensive and often ineffective in the long term. That is because your dog needs to be brushed 2-7 days per week! With our dog toothbrush variety pack, you can now learn to brush your dog's teeth.

Here is what you get in our triple value set of brushes.
  • A double ended toothbrush - This comfortable brush has 2 brush sizes built in for small dogs and large dogs. It can also be used for brushing multiple dogs or front and back teeth.
  • A super soft rubber silicone finger brush - This finger brush can be a great starting place for your dog and promotes excellent gum health with tartar removal.
  • A medium bristle finger brush - Some pets prefer finger brushes over longer brushes. It offers extra control while maintaining your canine's health.
  • Our recipes guide - We believe if you want to take the experience to the next level, It's best to make your own toothpaste. Store-bought toothpaste can become expensive and even contain unsafe chemicals. That's why we've created a library of tried and true pet toothpastes.
  • A happy pet - Teeth aren't often on the forefront of a pet owner's mind when trying to stay healthy. We seek out quality food, routine checkups, and plenty of fitness, but dental care is just as important.

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Anthony Fiero

No doggie dentures.

Works great and easy to use. Wish I had had this years ago.

Trevor Mortenson

Great for easy access

This brush has worked good for use on my lab.


Works well!!

I loved using this on my dog! She actually enjoyed it. It didnt hurt her gums or anything. I got special toothpaste for her and with this toothbrush it worked out well! Thank you! Great product!

Kathy C.

Great toothbrush set for our dogg

Really nice toothbrush set for our new dog. This set has 2 brush sizes and a double ended toothbrush that is built in for small dogs and large dogs. It also includes a soft silicone finger brush which promotes excellent gum health with tartar removal. It also comes with a recipe guide to make your own toothpaste for your dog. Super handy and saves me the time to research it myself. My favorite feature is the ergonomic grip on this toothbrush. Really nice set and I'm glad I bought it!

Modern R.


We have a new edition to our household, her name is Athena. She is our Rottweiler puppy who loves to chew her toys. She is in the process of teething with her adult teeth and keeping her healthy is at the top of my list. She is so adorable and I want her to be extra healthy. While maintaining her shiny coat is a priority, another priority is her teeth. Today we are going to be reviewing this amazing triple toothbrush that has helped us keep her teeth in tip top shape. This amazing toothbrush come with two heads and two attachment pieces to be used on your fingers. Since our pup is little, we are using the small end until she is about 9 months old. The bristles aren't rough so you wont have to worry about your puppy getting hurt. The finger brushed are great because one of them you can use gently on her gums or tongue and doesn't look scary to your animal when you are putting the brush in their mouth. Its quick and easy and doesn't require a lot of time or effort. It is better to start them at a young age so they are use to the brush and feeling rather than wrestling a dog that is 5 years old. It is possibly doable but may be challenging. Overall Athena loves the toothbrush and her breath is better than before. The great thing about this product too is that their is a recipe for homemade toothpaste that I wont reveal on here, but I will say Athena absolutely loves it. Get your copy of this awesome brush today, you and your furry friend will love it, guaranteed! The only thing I would change about this brush is allowing people to choose different colors. If I could chose a color I would definitely pick pink!