The Next Level Pet Mission

Next Level Pet is a crazy animal-themed apparel designer. We design some of the craziest cat and dog themed apparel in the world. We've also partnered up with many of the top artists in the space to bring you the most insane collection of cool and weird pet stuff.

Our focus is to bring you new and rad pet-themed apparel every day so you can represent our gnarly animal kingdom.If you have any awesome ideas for products or you know an artist that may fit into our collection let us know. 

Some Backstory

Back in 2016, Next Level Pet started with the idea to make pet travel easier for everyone. We were constantly taking our pup on road trips and long flights but every pet carrier we tried had issues. It was either too big, too small, too expensive, not durable, and a million other things. So we decided to create our perfect pet carrier that works tremendously for all around travel. 

We still develop and carry extremely functional pet products today. Please reach out if you have any recommendations for our products. We are always trying to make them better.